Plumbing System Inspection

A plumbing system includes everything that connects the outdoor sewer system to toilets, sinks, water heater, bathtub, showers and other water units inside the property. These include valves, drains and pipes which are generally made of PVC, brass or copper. Often minor issues in the plumbing system are neglected until they become major and lead to unexpected and costly repairs. Not if you opt for a plumbing system inspection in Brevard County, FL.

Just like any other area of your house, the plumbing system too should be inspected once a year. This inspection is performed by certified inspectors who assess the critical areas of the plumbing system of the property. This is important to prevent pipe corrosion, leaks, clogs and burst tubes that can cause damage to the property and may even lead to flooding. The inspector ensures that the pipes in unheated areas are insulated properly, the main water shut-off valve is functioning properly and that all pipes are connected properly and in good shape. He will also check for lead pipes in case your house was built before 1986.

You may opt for a plumbing system inspection in Brevard County, FL if you see a significant rise in water bills, are going for annual maintenance, or are purchasing or selling a home. Regular inspections ensure smooth functioning of the plumbing system and help avoid costly repairs at a later stage. Our inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced and trained. You can trust us for a detailed and thorough inspection.

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