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Electrical System Inspection

Electrical System Inspection


Every year, thousands of house fires take place in the United States and faulty electrical systems are the third leading cause of fires in residential buildings. Many homeowners often ignore the precautionary measures and safety standards for electrical installations detailed in the government policies.

We, at Double Scope Inspections, are concerned about your safety and security, which is why we provide detailed and comprehensive electrical system inspection in Brevard County, FL. We feel obligated to protect you from hazards caused by faulty electrical systems.

An electrical system inspection in Brevard County, FL, is an inspection of the electrical wiring and connections installed in your property. Our inspectors are authorised and licensed to conduct electrical inspections to ensure compliance with law codes and requirements of the area. An inspection is important to protect you from short circuits, potential fires, shocks and electrical surges.

The inspector examines the condition, age and quality of the main wires entering the property. After that, the main electric panel is inspected, where the wire and panel size, main wires entering the panel, circuit breakers and legend labeling, and the overall condition is evaluated. Then the inspector examines the branch wiring throughout the home. All wires to bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, foyers, basements, garages, and laundry rooms are checked. Along with this, all appliances, smoke detectors, outlets, and lights and fans are checked to ensure proper functioning. All inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced and trained. You can trust us for a detailed and thorough inspection.

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Electrical System Inspection in Brevard County, FL

An electrical home inspection thoroughly examines your whole electrical system to ensure that all electrical cables, systems, and components adhere to legal safety regulations. Therefore, a home electrical examination is necessary.

Furthermore, a home electrical inspection is crucial for the safety of your home and everyone who lives there. Thus, it is essential to have your home’s electrical system inspected by a professional. This will reassure you by guaranteeing the secured operation of the electric components in your home, pinpointing common electrical errors made by construction companies and prior homeowners, and highlighting outdated wiring like aluminum.

The experts at Double Scope Inspections will provide a detailed, focused checklist that includes areas that require immediate care and recommendations for improvements. 


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