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Roof Attic Inspection


he roof of any building is exposed to extreme weather conditions and natural elements like sun, rain, string winds and storms round the year. Even if you use the best material for building the roof, there are high chances of it sustaining damage over time in the form of cracks, loose shingles, mold growth and much more. Often these minor issues are neglected for a long time until they become major issues, and the roof comes breaking down or a large expense is incurred in the form of repairs.

What is the best defense against roof damage then? Getting it inspected on time! Roof attic inspections in Brevard County, FL, are of many types. Some are for seasonal maintenance, some for assessment of repairs, some are done before home purchase, some for getting insurance or loans while are simply to prepare for a storm. Whatever the purpose is, we ensure that the roof is safe and structurally sound. Our inspectors will carefully inspect the roof and provide you with a detailed report that outlines the condition of the roof.

What we inspect?


  • Gutters and downspouts.
  • Roof covering material.
  • Roof vents, flashing, skylights and other roof penetrations.
  • Visible portions of chimney from the exterior.


  • Attic ventilation.
  • Insulation of the attic.
  • Framing & decking of the roof.
  • Presence of mold, mildew or rust.
  • Support and other structural components.

Along with inspecting your roof and providing you a report, we help you make a maintenance and care plan for the roofing system. We are knowledgeable, experienced and trained. You can trust us for a detailed and thorough inspection.

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