Roof Attic Inspections

The roof of any building is exposed to extreme weather conditions and natural elements like sun, rain, string winds and storms round the year. Even if you use the best material for building the roof, there are high chances of it sustaining damage over time in the form of cracks, loose shingles, mold growth and much more. Often these minor issues are neglected for a long time until they become major issues, and the roof comes breaking down or a large expense is incurred in the form of repairs.

What is the best defense against roof damage then? Getting it inspected on time! Roof attic inspections in Brevard County, FL, are of many types. Some are for seasonal maintenance, some for assessment of repairs, some are done before home purchase, some for getting insurance or loans while are simply to prepare for a storm. Whatever the purpose is, we ensure that the roof is safe and structurally sound. Our inspectors will carefully inspect the roof and provide you with a detailed report that outlines the condition of the roof.

What we inspect?


  • Gutters and downspouts.
  • Roof covering material.
  • Roof vents, flashing, skylights and other roof penetrations.
  • Visible portions of chimney from the exterior.


  • Attic ventilation.
  • Insulation of the attic.
  • Framing & decking of the roof.
  • Presence of mold, mildew or rust.
  • Support and other structural components.

Along with inspecting your roof and providing you a report, we help you make a maintenance and care plan for the roofing system. We are knowledgeable, experienced and trained. You can trust us for a detailed and thorough inspection.

Call us today for roof attic inspections in Brevard County, FL.


Home Inspection Service in Florida

The purchase of a home is the single largest investment that the majority of Americans make. A Home Inspection will cost less than a quarter of a percent of the purchase price of a home and will often find enough small issues to allow you to negotiate a reduction in price several times more than the cost of the inspection. The Home Inspection is a win-win for the home buyer. If the Home Inspector finds nothing significantly wrong with the house, the buyer can proceed with the purchase with peace of mind and wins. If the Home Inspection finds something significantly wrong with the house, the buyer can back away or negotiate a price reduction to account for the issues. The Buyer wins again.

The HAS Home Inspector takes photographs during the inspection and then using a computer software package, prepares an extensive report with his findings. We provide Home Inspections in most of Florida: call us to see if your area is covered. All of our inspectors are Florida-state licensed home inspectors and members of InterNACHI, a leading national association of Home Inspectors.

Based on accessibility, the HAS Home Inspector will inspect the following:

  • Outside of the home
  • Crawl space and foundation
  • Roof
  • Landscaping
  • Sprinkler system
  • Driveway
  • Pool enclosure
  • Exterior doors and locks
  • Pool
  • Electrical system
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Windows
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Smoke alarms
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Carpets, tile and flooring
  • Attic
  • Attic ventilation
  • Insulation

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Plumbing System Inspection

A plumbing system includes everything that connects the outdoor sewer system to toilets, sinks, water heater, bathtub, showers and other water units inside the property. These include valves, drains and pipes which are generally made of PVC, brass or copper. Often minor issues in the plumbing system are neglected until they become major and lead to unexpected and costly repairs. Not if you opt for a plumbing system inspection in Brevard County, FL.

Just like any other area of your house, the plumbing system too should be inspected once a year. This inspection is performed by certified inspectors who assess the critical areas of the plumbing system of the property. This is important to prevent pipe corrosion, leaks, clogs and burst tubes that can cause damage to the property and may even lead to flooding. The inspector ensures that the pipes in unheated areas are insulated properly, the main water shut-off valve is functioning properly and that all pipes are connected properly and in good shape. He will also check for lead pipes in case your house was built before 1986.

You may opt for a plumbing system inspection in Brevard County, FL if you see a significant rise in water bills, are going for annual maintenance, or are purchasing or selling a home. Regular inspections ensure smooth functioning of the plumbing system and help avoid costly repairs at a later stage. Our inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced and trained. You can trust us for a detailed and thorough inspection.

Call us today for plumbing system inspection in Brevard County, FL.


Electrical System Inspection

Every year, thousands of house fires take place in the United States and faulty electrical systems are the third leading cause of fires in residential buildings. Many homeowners often ignore the precautionary measures and safety standards for electrical installations detailed in the government policies.

We, at Double Scope Inspections, are concerned about your safety and security, which is why we provide detailed and comprehensive electrical system inspection in Brevard County, FL. We feel obligated to protect you from hazards caused by faulty electrical systems.

An electrical system inspection in Brevard County, FL, is an inspection of the electrical wiring and connections installed in your property. Our inspectors are authorised and licensed to conduct electrical inspections to ensure compliance with law codes and requirements of the area. An inspection is important to protect you from short circuits, potential fires, shocks and electrical surges.

The inspector examines the condition, age and quality of the main wires entering the property. After that, the main electric panel is inspected, where the wire and panel size, main wires entering the panel, circuit breakers and legend labeling, and the overall condition is evaluated. Then the inspector examines the branch wiring throughout the home. All wires to bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, foyers, basements, garages, and laundry rooms are checked. Along with this, all appliances, smoke detectors, outlets, and lights and fans are checked to ensure proper functioning. All inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced and trained. You can trust us for a detailed and thorough inspection.

Call us today for electrical system inspection in Brevard County, FL.